About us

Necessity Solutions is owned and run by Charlotte and Mike Anderson, who between them have worked with and for some of the largest marketing and advertising agencies in the world, not to mention having worked for some of the biggest brand clients in the world too.

Charlotte Anderson

With over 20 years experience in the adverting and marketing world, working around the globe it is a pleasure to bring my experience here to our new home in Nova Scotia.

Since moving here over 5 years ago, from a rather hectic life in London, my husband and I quickly realized that we have something we would very much like to offer businesses of Nova Scotia, something that is very much needed – our expertise and levels of service.

I pride myself on having covered almost every form of marketing and advertising you could probably ever need. From vinyl wrapping trains, running in-house staff and customer loyalty promotions and competitions, TV and cinema advertising to media planning and buying as well as all forms of social and digital advertising.

This experience doesn’t come without excellent levels of service and client commitment, that’s what I want to bring to businesses of Nova Scotia. I want to give you the service you deserve, create a partnership that allows you to call me whenever you need, even if its just to run an idea past me – and I want us to have some fun whilst we do it.

Mike Anderson

Drawing from over 25 years global advertising and IT experience I work in joint partnership with Charlotte, making our team a very comprehensive and knowledgable one.

My experience spans many different disciplines from being on the creative side through to IT support, Apple Mac Consultancy and Project Management, but no matter what I do I always believe in customer care and service.

Because of my experience I am able to bring a more technical view to anything we do and with technology continually changing it can be hard to not only understand what is going on but to know what is best for your business.

That’s where we come in. We not only understand all of the latest ways to market and advertise your business but we never forget the value of traditional marketing and advertising. Everything has a place and time, knowing what to use and when is only the start.

Working alongside Charlotte, we bring a very balanced approach to everything we do, giving you the peace of mind that you don’t have to look around for multiple companies to get things done.

Just some of the companies we have worked for and with during our careers
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