What we do

Our Commitment – Why we do what we do

No matter what type of marketing, branding or advertising help you need or even just think you may need, Necessity Solutions can help. Whether it’s coming up with a completely new company logo, designing and building you a website, advising on a marketing strategy and how to position yourself in your market alongside your competitors, or simply when and how to advertise, we are there to help you at every stage.

Sometimes its hard to see what is best for your business when you are so close to it, that’s where we can help, we see things from the outside in, and we don’t suggest things without first really getting to you, and your business. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or large every client is just as important to us as the next – we pride ourselves on our personal care – always.

We take the hassle out of it all for you, from the design and production through to managing your print, we do it so you don’t have to worry about it. And we do all of this without the large expensive agency bills that usually go with such a service!

Our Services – Just some of the things we can do for you


A logo, a look and feel for your business, giving your business its own identity and making it really work for you.


Where you currently are in your market and how to use marketing tools and tips to really make the most of things to grow and expand your business.


So much more than just placing an ad in a publication, what forms will work best for you, which opportunities are right from digital, to print and even social media, they all have a place, but where, when and how.


Actually producing the items you need either in printed format or digital and on-line formats too.

Print Management

Overseeing and managing the printing of all your business and advertising materials, making sure they all work together and are true to your brand.

Digital production

Designing, building, up-dating, maintaining and hosting all types of digital media from HTML emails, through to full E-commerce websites. Making sure your on-line brand is as strong as your off-line brand.


Getting the best shots of your services and products, taking into consideration how what you have should be best displayed across all media types from print to digital.

Social media

Helping you make the most out of social media, making sure it works for the effort that is worthy of it, using it to support your business and not just be the sole means of your marketing and advertising approach.

Business Consultancy

Looking in depth at your business, guiding you on how to take things forward and make the best choices across the board. Helping you to see from the outside what’s going on inside your business and what that will do for its growth.

Media planning and buying

Planning what the right type of media is for your business, helping you get the best deal for your budget and making sure your media approach reaches as many customers as possible. Making sure the media you buy really will work for your business.