Twitter tells users to change their passwords!

An error in the way the passwords were handled meant some were stored in easily readable form. The passwords should have been put through a procedure called ‘hashing’ making them very hard to read. The bug caused the passwords to be stored on an internal computer log before the hashing process was completed.

In a blog, the social network said that once the mistake was discovered it carried out an internal investigation which found no indication passwords were stolen or misused by insider. However it still urged all its users to change theirs just as a precaution. Twitter did not say how many actual passwords were affected but it is believed that the number was substantial and even worse that they were exposed for several months.

Another bug, glitch, error, call it what you want by a company that holds so much data on us all that again calls into question just how safe is all that we put out there into this unknown world of social media.