NSI and the SMBCEC

Necessity Solutions is delighted to be working in partnership with the St. Margaret’s Bay Community Enterprise Centre. A fantastic enterprise whose sole aim is to bring businesses and community together and make the St. Margaret’s Bay area a better place for everyone. Whether you are an individual business person, from a not-for-profit organization or part of a community group, the newly opened CEC centre is the perfect place to come together, network, engage and prosper.

Working in partnership with the board of directors from the CEC, we at Necessity Solutions, hope to be able to offer our global experience and local care to our very own back-yard area. This community is such a wonderful place to live and work yet its full business potential is yet to be realised. It is our hope to do whatever we can as an agency to bring that to life not only for the CEC itself but also to every business that is part of the CEC and any that join in the future.

We have already completed the design, build and launch of the new CEC website with many more features already in progress for a phase 2 launch in the near future. But that is just the start, we promised the CEC, just as we do with all our clients, that we are in it for the long-term as long as we can and we will always stick by that promise too!

As a special for members of the CEC, we are happy to offer preferential rates on everything that we do, in a hope that by keeping business within the Bay area it will grow and develop for all future generations.

So if you have a marketing, branding or advertising need of any kind, from a custom logo, help with getting your business noticed in the local press, to knowing which direction to take your business in, or simply need a website to get yourself an online presence then let us as a CEC partner be your partner too – you never know just where the future can take you!