A rough guide to – web design

The Design Process

A overview of our site design process

Web Design
Regardless of the package you go with, your site is customized for your business branding and identity using a mobile-friendly design.

Customized Layout
Every site has unique needs and requirements. We ensure your site is customized for your content.

How it Works
We start the process by taking a detailed brief from you. This will be conducted remotely (i.e. phone, teleconference or Skype).

We then confirm all the information we’ll need from you (e.g. logo, product information, page copy, images, blog posts, etc.) and then we’ll build the website in our content management system using a template which we’ll customise around your logo and branding.

The website concept will be presented to you via a ‘development link’ for you to approve. Up to three rounds of revisions are allowed for in the website package.

We undertake a keyword research exercise and present our findings to you with our recommendations for on-page SEO. If you decide you’d like to have some pages professionally written, then we’ll brief our copywriter at this stage.

Content can then be loaded, and we’ll provide remote training if you’re going to be loading any of the content yourself.

Once all the content has been loaded, we complete your SEO.
When you’re happy with the website, we’ll make it live for you and then we can set up your Google Analytics account so you can track your visitor data.

Design time

This is the time we spend designing you site, this is not usually done in the website itself, it is done initially on paper(Yeah! Really, remember that stuff) seriously it is the easiest, most fluid way of ‘roughing’ out a design.
From there we use a range of graphic design applications to make up designs. We will present these as first draft ideas, then we take it from there, tweaking the design until you get what you want.

Responsive Design

With responsive design, your website changes to fit within the width of the screen so no matter what size screen you have on your desktop, tablet or phone, everything is presented in a usable, clean way regardless of devices used.

This is not something we add on, it is designed as standard. Last year 56% of all global traffic was mobile, in some countries/cultures/age groups that percentage is much higher. It is expected to be in the 60%-70% in a relatively short space of time.
Your site must be responsive!
Do you want your site to annoy over half your potential customer base! No we didn’t think so either.

Build time

This includes the actual design time for your website. This can vary hugely depending on the site requirements. We will give you a guide to how long when we talk. Don’t worry the cost won’t go up if we take longer to build than we thought, if it takes longer than we think that’s our problem.

The jobs include laying out pages, designing graphics, creating navigation, selecting colours, writing code, installing elements and functionality.

This also includes all the SEO related stuff we do that will get you ranking higher on those search results.

Writing Copy

From a user/visitor point of view, this is the most important part of your website. Without great content, it’s difficult to keep people on your site. The copy is also the most important part of your site being understood and useful to any users.

We write original copy to attract viewers to your website and then, make sure it’s relevant, interesting and helpful so they stay on your site longer.

Copy writing time

This includes writing, editing and organizing text for your website.

Critical for success, our professional copywriters write to suit your sites style and content, writing copy, whether it be funny, technical or just informative it also ties very closely to SEO(see later), for improved SEO to increase web traffic.

Testing time

This time is spent testing for everything we can, testing the site in as many browsers as we can, making sure things like forms, maps, videos etc. are working correctly and behaving themselves.
Depending on the size and complexity of your site this can run from hours, through days to weeks of testing time.