Facebook privacy bug

14 million affected by Facebook software bug/h4>

Date: May, 2018
Written by: Charlotte Anderson, Necessity Solutions

A recent software bug means that 14 million Facebook users may have unknowingly posted what was meant to be private information to the general public – despite having always set their posts to private or friends of friends. How?

Well, it appears that a simple bug in the Facebook system caused the post of over 14 million users to be changed from a private setting to an ‘everyone’ setting, even if a user had previously chosen a more secure setting such as ‘friends’ or ‘friends of friends’.

Facebook say they would like to apoloigse for this and stated that it only happened during a limited time between 18 and 22 May 2018. That may be true but it took them until 27 May to realise this and switch posts back to how they should be. And while it didn’t affect anything that those people had posted previously it is y et another error in the Facebook system where people’s personal comments and data are concerned.

Those affected by this latest blunder will be shown a graphical notification soon, with the chance to review what posts may have been posted publicly by mistake.

But to my mind, you have to start asking yourself, are you really prepared for anyone to see what you post? And are you happy for Facebook to simply share any of your personal details and data it likes with whomever it likes? Well, if not then why are you still using Facebook?!

Charlotte Anderson
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