The Air package – $1050.00

This is one of our more popular packages, ideal for those clients who like the idea of having a little bit more functionality within their website, allowing them to really bring their site to life and display a little more business content, but at the same time still keeping costs as low as possible.
It includes a maximum of 8 pages, giving you the freedom and flexibility to showcase your business however you like with just the right amount of space. It comes with slider (moving) images, dynamic interactive elements (elements that interact with your customers) and on one page a content editor section that allows you to personally up-date, make changes or post notifications to that specific page area of your website – should you want to that is.
You also get 10 Royalty Free images, these are images bought by us specifically for you to use on your website and whenever, however, for whatever you need at no extra charge; eye-candy that really makes your site and your marketing come alive. And a maximum of 2 hours copy editing time with our professional marketing copywriter where we help you make the most of your website content.

We use design templates for initial design inspiration to keep the costs down and speeds up, but the actual look, style and colour is completely customised and built from scratch to match each client’s/company’s branding so even if we start with a template we certainly never end-up with one.
All our sites are fully responsive which means they adapt to any device you are viewing them on, have email accounts associated with your chosen website url so you look and respond to your customers in a professional way – no gmail or hotmail accounts here – and always have Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) built into them as standard so you know you will be found by all the major search engines.
These are just some of the things we do as standard no matter how much you pay for your website!
See the table below for the full list of inclusions, or use our package comparison chart.


The Air package includes

  • Meetings, emails & calls - Unlimited
  • Design choice options shown for selection - 4
  • Number of individual web pages - 8
    Including Home page, 6 content pages & a contact page with Google location map. Or as a single page scrollable format site.
  • Royalty Free images - 8
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  • Copy editing of client supplied copy - 2hrs
  • Copywriting - Option
  • Customized contact form - Basic customisation
  • Custom elements - Option
    - graphics, dividers, corners, icons etc.
  • Slider images - Yes - 1 Page
  • Galleries – Yes
  • Galleries – advanced - Option
  • Portfolio – basic – Yes
  • Portfolio – advanced – Option
  • Product display – basic – Yes
  • Product display – advanced – Option
  • Projects – basic – Yes
  • Projects – advanced – Option
  • Additional customized forms – Option
  • Dynamic interactive elements – Yes
  • Site video integration – Option
  • - - - Continued in next column
  • Newsletter sign-up and service – Option
  • Client content editor – Yes - 1 Page
  • Members-only area (Up to max page allowance) – Yes
  • User registration and management - Option
  • - - -
  • Email accounts
  • Email accounts – 5
  • Email service (Imap or Pop – Imap recommended) – Yes
  • Webmail available – Yes
  • Email set-up on client side – Option
  • Central office address book and calendar – Option
  • Central office address book and calendar set-up on client side – Option
  • - - -
  • Search Engines
  • Back-end Search Engine Optimisation set-up (SEO) incl. Keyword research – Yes
  • Search engine review (SER) – Option
  • - - -
  • Website Security
  • Security hardening – Yes
  • SSL – Yes
  • - - - Continued in next column
  • Update management - i.e security & software updates – Yes
  • Speed optimization – Yes
  • Initial website back-up prior to go-live – Yes
  • - - -
  • Client dashboard
  • Estimates, quotes, Invoices and payments – Yes
  • Helpdesk – Yes
  • Estimates, quotes, Invoices and payments – Yes
  • Project interface – your work with NSI – Yes
  • Client image asset library – Yes
  • - - -
  • Social media and business networks
  • Blog page set-up – Yes
  • YouTube account set-up – Option
  • Social and business media set-up – Up to 3 Networks
  • Social media management tool set-up through your website - Yes
  • Social media management tool set-up with NSI social – Option
  • - - -
  • Notes:
  • Your email with us is always secured by default
  • All our websites are fully responsive

NB. Any item marked as ‘option’ can be added at an additional cost.